Holistic Wellness is a birthright.


You and I. Everyone. All of us who are breathing and anyone who suffers from anything. Even animals can benefit from holistic processes. Non invasive and with all parts considered, together we can create change.


This site is about Processes that support healing the human and animal biology and experiences. We can change our biology. We can change our lives. (The Biology of Belief, Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., 2005)

Our bodies do expire, some faster than others. For those of us who are alive, and breathing, and understand that stagnation is imminent death, movement is critical, I serve you. Life’s vitality and joy come through action. When we are aware enough to know choices exist, there is opportunity to defy what “they” say. Whoever “they” are who told you about pain, deterioration, and getting old… this information here could make life pain-free and fun. A decision to live healthy, natural, and mindful will prove “them” wrong.

Don’t give in to any condition you aren’t excited about. And get excited! EVERY problem has a solution; it’s a universal law or something like that. Let’s find your solution.


Does anyone really want to struggle? Does anyone really want to be in pain? No one deserves to be in pain! And you don’t have to be.


Anywhere and everywhere, at home, in private, in a group, in front of your computer or your mirror, on your knees, sitting, standing, sleeping, while you exercise, while you wish you were exercising. From across the oceans and confidently with intention, emotional mountains, trauma and pain can subside.


The best time is today, also known as, now. Are you ready to experience something effective? Are you willing to take a look at your role in the condition openly and in a safe place? Remember, resistance lies to us. Know if it’s positive change you want to experience, you can and will. It all starts with your decision. Decide before your last breath. Reading this is a great start if you are looking for a solution.


  • Be gentle with yourself.
  • Choose to learn how POWERFUL you are by learning some new tools.
  • Decide what it is you want.
  • Decide you are willing to do whatever it takes WITHIN your honor and power to achieve your goal.
  • Decide to do something different every day until you find what’s working.
  • Do something every day until you get your solutions, then dive in fully.
    • That, in fact, is the work. This is the how.
  • Give yourself permission to grow.
  • Take action steps that align with your inner guidance.
  • Start on this site. Book a session.

The magic is in the decision. When you are ready and have decided you are open for a solution, if an action step doesn’t present itself naturally and immediately, a subconscious belief could be thwarting your forward movement. That is where my work comes in. In a safe sacred moment in time, we do the work together.

The magic is in the decision.

Joellen Elaine

Serving the Coachella Valley and surrounding areas and world virtually.


(213) 444-3826