Hello. I’m Joellen Elaine.

I am a Holistic Facilitator, Better Life Coach, and Holistic Concierge.

In 1995 I was introduced to intentional living and how to align our energy points for myself and others.  Years later the Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) was introduced to me by my Chiropractor Christine Sinclair-Cohn. I was hooked! Results were obvious and I set off to find my source of education for creating permanent healing results in my practice. 

I have since been certified as a Psych-K Facilitator and Voice Bio Practitioner. I’ve learned Theta Healing, Yuen Energetics, and the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  I use guided meditation, Aromatherapy with high-quality essential oils, and I am continuously adding to the variety of energy work possibilities. I can show and guide you through the inner work. I can show you how to do self-reflexology if you can reach your feet or touch your hands. And Most certainly, I will support you by introducing effective online resources anyone can access. The icing on the cake, I just acquired a Biofeedback machine.  

The techniques I have mastered are emotional release strategies targeting negative programming (beliefs) and supporting relief (new beliefs), without reliving the initial triggers. We don’t need the story to solve the discrepancies creating the problem, physical or emotional. We have choices and I help people find what works for them. My approach and strategies intertwine into a personal experience for the willing and ready recipient. Negative patterning can stop and better life skills can be acquired safely and comfortably in one session.

When you allow help in, the correct help, together we can move your mountain(s). 

I am passionate about results and if you are too and aren’t achieving them, that’s where I come in.  I’ve learned it takes three energies: yours, a practitioner or coach, and divine intention and integration.  

I am Looking forward to making your world a better place with you. 

Contact me via email, text before call, or join me for my Magic Mondays to book a  session.

What we think we believe and what our subconscious believes can be two very different things. It’s my job to set things straight.

The magic is in the decision.

Joellen Elaine

Serving the Coachella Valley, surrounding areas, and the world virtually.

(213) 444-3826